Friday, June 18, 2010


If you can't to do something, then do some efforts to be able to do it. But, if you still cannot, then accept than you are not afford to do it. Forgive yourself. In life, there are certain things that you need to avow about your ability. If you dare to accept yourself, you will be able to row your life boat without hesitate.

Knowledge are available every way. May be it is not come from book, but from what we watch.
"Do what you want"- from a film entitled 'Penelope'. It tells me that in our life, just go for what you want. The happiness will be there even not all the time. You need to know what actually you want and you like. What makes you happy and satisfy? If you able to do it, then you will value your life.

Other than that, I have watched a reality TV program, 'Mentor'. In that program, one of the judges is Faizal Tahir. I not really remember every word he said, but what he means is like this: certain people knows everything, but he/she cannot do even one thing. Sometime I think, a mechanic is more intelligent than the person who reach university level because even though his education level is not so high, but he can do something that we can see. A mechanic knows very deep about his field. A specialist for car! At school, we learned many things. History, science, maths and many more. Many subjects give birth for people that knows many things? How deep you know about math? About Science? About History? A teacher also told to be able to teach anything, to know everything. 

In our country, specialists are needed. I have watched CSI, National Geographic, and other TV program made by western people especially American. They got many specialist. They work together to do/solve something and they are successful people. I think we also need give birth many specialist as many as them. Something need to do with our education. Exam oriented is not meaningful. Quality is more powerful than quantity. The same thing happen when syllabus at school are too many and teacher need to rush completing the syllabus. Even though the students still cannot catch the lesson, the teacher have to turn to next lesson, if not the syllabus will not finish. The consequence is, students are not understand what they have learned and they just memorize all the facts to pass the exam. At teacher training institution, the future teachers are taught to teach meaningfully but how can they do so if the duration only 30 minutes per day and the syllabus are too long to complete? Then, what they have learned are only theory and not applied during teaching at school. This is what the senior teachers always said. There is something to do with our education system. Who are going to do, and what to do, let's think together.

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