Monday, June 20, 2011

For the lighthouse and beach.

For the lighthouse and beach,
You are always together.
I can see you in my dream,
But can you see me too?

You are the place of peaceful,
Even in the dark cloud sky,
No sound, silent and peace.

I wish I can reach you both,
It is my dream since a long time before.
I found nothing to bring up except the hope for peaceful.
The air, the wind and the wide sky.

Imagination put me in you,
Where I can feel the wind touches my skin,
The fresh air gives me a new life,
The sky smiles at me with honesty.
I have nothing but a hope in you.

Come put me away from the hell I am belonged,
Cheer me up with the nature satisfaction,
Erase all my memories,
And give me a new life for tomorrow.

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