Thursday, May 27, 2010

An introduction.

This is the first time I write a post here. I try not to make this blog as a medium to share my feeling even I feel really empty right now. Empty? Yes. Just empty. No more explanation. I do the same at Face Book. InsyaAllah there will be no status that related to my feeling. I will try. Let me keep my feeling alone and keep it as a secrete. It is much better.

This is blog I named it as " Kopi dan Gula". Why? Because both of these substances give meaning of life. Life is not so happy and not so sad. It is mixed up. But I am not going to talk just about life here. I will talk about many things. My target is I want to make this blog as a place to gain knowledge. Something that is so valuable to share is knowledge. So, let people know about knowledge that I have rather than my personal life.
This is my introduction. Later on, I will post many other things. InsyaAllah...

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