Friday, July 13, 2012

Cooperation Master Chef

To win is a desire but it is not a must. So within a work, enjoy it together without stress. Cooperation comprise of many things. Working in a team need a very good rapport or at least professional manner. Everybody must take part and no passenger. That is the first rule. To me, it is better to accept a person who has less knowledge and skill but able to give full commitment and obey instruction of the leader for the sake of the team THAN a person who has many knowledge and skill but has no commitment or act as the GOD of knowledge. Dealing with people who give very minimum commitment is very usual. I am totally mad with this kind of manner. Dealing with people who act as the GOD of knowledge is a different case. If you in a team with this person, you will find that you are useless. Everything is a mistake and for sure you will never feel comfortable. Watching Master Chef give me view of cooperation. In addition, I really respect Dr. Fazley for his gentleman and positive manner. He gives his opponent a good condition that it seems to be easily done and accept a difficult condition as a challenge. To win when you have a good condition is pretty fine but no great. But to win when you have a difficult condition is a great achievement.

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