Saturday, September 25, 2010

confident and positive thinking..

I don't know what brings me to be a positive thinker tonight although I seldom being like that. Looking at my picture that never shows i am pretty,supposed to bring a bad feeling. But what's the matter if i am ugly? Do I need to cover up my face with plastic surgery? Or do I have to go through the operation to burn my fat?
 That is just an introduction. Feeling down is a big matter and a barrier to feel confident. It also a matter to get your love. If someone cannot accept you just because you're ugly, means that person is not for you. Simple! You don;t have to do something to get love from a person like that. That is an obvious prediction about the future actually. You know how? If that person get marry with a beautiful woman, then the woman get into an accident. Her face change from beautiful to ugly. For sure her husband will find another woman. Why? He just want to be with beautiful woman.
Actually it is not easy for a person with so many weakness to be positive thinking and being confident. But, GOD knows why something is created. Feel sad and down will not change anything. It will not fix your face or your body, it will not make a person who doesn't love you turn to love you, it also doesn't change any negative perspective towards you. Let it be. Sometimes being a person without feeling in certain condition might help you to be strong. Otherwise, the world is just a temporary place. So, for any people who feel that she/ he is ugly and having so many weakness, let's get up!Tears will not find your way to solve the problem. If anyone insult you, just simply say 'if i am ugly, so what??'.

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