Thursday, September 2, 2010

A slice of thought...

Tonight I have made some changes with this blog. I think I will be active in blogging from now on. Perhaps but no swear. I come tonight with one message for all the survivors (anyone who still alive). In life, what we want to choose as the best choice perhaps is not. God knows why and God have the right to change anything. If we have some options. For example, one big cake and one small cake. For own benefit, surely we will take the big one. However, we never know which one is actually better. Perhaps the big one has bad taste and the other one is not. God can change everything. In daily case, we always want to take the best thing if we can choose it first and let the other person get the bad one. One advantage that we never know from getting a bad thing is we able to learn and to think how to find initiative to solve the problem. A bad thing can turn to a super duper great thing. So, whatever you get (task/ fate/problem), it can be easily handled if we can accept it and find the solution.

Aal izz well..amin..

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