Monday, January 17, 2011

The sixth option.

On last Friday,I went home. Actually I know that is not what I supposed to do due to my economical problem. But I was so jealous with many people who went home on that day. Besides that, I think I need to calm down my mind. This hostel is the place where my problem started, so it is not a good place for me to think for the solution of my problem. During at home, my mind keep thinking about it. At last, I decided to ask help from my friend. Actually I can call her my best friend because she is totally my best friend. I met her for the first time during orientation at Labuan Matriculation College. That is one of the reason I never say that going to Matric is wasting my time. I know she loves me as her friend and she can accept me sincerely even though we are quite different; she is friendly and I am not. I asked her to choose one out of five options. She choose option 4. The worst? Option 5 and 2. But, when she know the truth about option 4, she advise me not to pick anything. Not to pick anything is option 6 and that is me.

I know I need to do something toward my desire. For the sake of myself, I need to sacrifice my feeling. In addition, sometimes U- Turn is not allowed in certain racing.

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