Saturday, November 12, 2011

Box of Shadow

I am talking about my box of Shadow...the big box like a coffin. There is a magic inside it, the Magic of Shadow. Not a dead body of baby...haha

I am not creative. People said so and my mind too. I am complicated. People think so but I think I am just systematic. Huahuahua....someone will laugh loudly. Hish! But at least I manage to prepare something that people can say 'wow!'. It is big. I know. My point is just I want to prepare a model that can move. If possible it can move automatically. I never think of making people impress. Sorry, that is not the objective. It is actually a task of my Science assignment. Not in purpose of innovation actually..haha

At first, I got many ideas and when I tell someone about it, it makes me down. It just like I want to prepare something so complicated. Then, I don't tell that kind of person anymore. I find some fellows that I think would support my idea and help me to figure out some solutions for my problems throughout the process.

Before I do it, I feel so afraid to start it because it would be something big to do. I may not be able to accomplish it. Perhaps.. But, then at last I've done it! Thanks to all the people who support me especially the one who give me idea on how to make the 'man inside the box' moving.

This box present the concept of the shadow's size. The size of shadow can change when the distance between the object and the source of light change. This is what can be presented in the box of shadow. The object can be moved forward (close to the light)  and backward (far from the light). The changing of the shadow's size can be seen easily. It also help the students in primary school (year 5) to learn to control the variables which is one of the science process skills. The changing of shadow and the changing of distance between the object and the source of light also can be rated in numbers due to numbering rulers provided. Besides, this box also act as convenience for teacher to teach this concept to students in the presence of high light intensity. No need to find the dark area or to make the classroom like the Dracula's bedroom. Just use this box. haha...

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