Saturday, February 19, 2011

He (2)

I saw him yesterday. But unfortunately I cannot see him too much. Perhaps someone will detect my action if I do it. I have decided to keep this without his sense due to my position that is so not eligible for him.

I ever asked a friend that is so in love with her boyfriend. Do you ever think that you are no eligible for him? She said, she never think of it. She confident with herself and her boyfriend keep making her confident. But I think I cannot be like that. So, just remain like this until it disappear some day later.

I keep on visiting his blog which is the only thing I can do besides visiting his profile at FB. But I found that FB is boring. I offline my chat because I have no intent on chatting with anyone and I often disappointing people who want to chat with me. So, better don't switch it on. There is no attractive profile page that I want to visit since his profile is not active with status.

Well, by remembering him I can forget someone else who hurt me badly. Hahaha...

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