Sunday, February 6, 2011

My mood after holiday..

This holiday was a very good holiday. I celebrated Chinese New Year for my adopted father at hospital. That is my first experience. Perhaps my family and I are the first people who did it at the hospital. It was wonderful cause we can make him happy. His nephews and their wives also there and we celebrate together. It was 1 MALAYSIA indeed. Even though my 'angpau' was not much as before, I don't really care about it.

Today, I came back to hostel after 1 week holiday. It was so sad to leave home but I have no choice. I don't know why my mood is just fine and my soul is just like what I have gone through before.I mean, like when I was in PPISMP. I was free. I was not engage to anyone.

I have a new mission. A new plan for my life. Even though I do have problem with someone but I think I can handle it. I experienced that thing when I was PP.  Now the person is already change. The same number but different name. I cannot say forgiveness when my heart say no. Just wait the time pass. The most important thing is I know what to do to protect my heart.

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