Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be strong!

When you are not deserve to get what you want..
People know and people laugh..
When an ugly girl wants to date a handsome man..
That man refuse and people laugh..
When a weak girl wants to date a great man..
That man refuse and people laugh..
If you are in the place (except for girl who think she is pretty), what you will do? Be strong! Do not become so weak for asking only a piece of love from someone who never appreciate you. Show people who laugh at you that you can get even a better man. Or if not, you still can live in a very good condition without him. Do not ever show that you are still hoping for him.

Your story could be different and may be like this...

I ever watched a Cantonese drama series when I was a kid. I have forgotten the title but I still remember about the story. There is girl with a big red birth sign on her face. Actually she is not the main character in the drama. But the story of her is interesting that I can still remember until now. That big red birth sign on her face makes her looks ugly. (In that drama la..but for me she is just fine). However, she always feel that there is a man interest at her anywhere she goes (but actually it is wrong).  There is a moment when she and her friends have a lunch at restaurant and there is a handsome man waving his hand. She knows that man and she immediately stand up cause she thought that the man call her.  But actually, that man call somebody else which is a pretty girl.(so embarrassing!) She feel bad for it. Due to her bad behavior that always makes her embarrass, she decide not to feel that way again.

In that story, this girl works with a company. She got a boss who always scold her. However, she never against him. She just obey her boss. Without her conscious her boss fall in love with her. She never realize that because that man always scold her. He ever asked her what are the characteristics of a man that she desires and one of the characteristics is that man should not always scold her. So, he try not to scold her and do many good things to her. That makes her in puzzle. 'Why my boss change? Why he is very kind to me?'. She ever think that her boss might fall into her but because of her bad past experiences she immediately wipe that thought. She try not to think that way again. For her, it is impossible for that man (who supposed to have a high standard taste of woman) can fall in love with an ugly girl like her. But eventually that man confess in front of her that he fall in love to her. She terribly difficult to believe that someone who is always scold her can fall in love with her. But, that is the truth and she finally accept that man.

A happiness can come in very unpredictable time. Your love could come from a very unpredictable man.    So, say good bye for the man who ever you love but refuse to accept and juts makes people laugh at you. 

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