Saturday, August 20, 2011


A student talk to his friend, “I don’t like the teacher. She is not fair. She only give attention to Rashid”. Then, his friend answer, “but I like her because she never give up to explain about the topic that we don’t understand”. This conversation is about pro and con about a teacher’s characters. What will happen if the teacher has both of the qualities that the students want? Of course the boys will satisfy on her. So, every teacher should have qualities of a good teacher.
            What are the qualities of a good teacher? There are many qualities of a good teacher. The first quality is work hard to make his or her student achieve a good result in exam. In other words, a good teacher will make sure that all the lessons that she or he taught to her or his students are understandable. As we know the main task of teachers at school is teaching. Is it only teaching? Of course it is not enough. If a teacher just deliver the notes without ensure that all the students understand about it, it will not make sense. Therefore, a teacher should not give up explaining many times when students did not understand about certain topic. If necessary, extra class can be made by the teacher as an initiative to make students understand and can memorize the lessons.
            Beside that, a teacher should be ready to be a mother or a father and a friend for the students. The teacher supposes to know her or his students background and get ready to listen to their problems. As a mother or a father, she or he needs to give advices to them, guide them toward virtue and motivate them to success in their life. Well, as a friend she or he should adapt to the students’ life. For example if the students are children, the teacher can play with them and share their interest to make them fun. If they are teenagers, the teacher can share about teenager’s issues and problems. For example, if the students have problem in friendship, the teacher can share the problem and give some advices. Therefore, if the students cannot do the task given by the teacher, the teacher can consider because of the conditions and problems of the students like poverty and family’s broken.
            A good teacher supposes to be fair with all the students. She or he should never give attention to only certain students. May be there are some students who very excellent in the subject that she or he taught and may be some of them are talkative and always praise the teacher. But that is not the reason why the teacher gives them special attendance. As a teacher, whatever the student’s responses, she or he should accept it positively. By that way, the teacher will able to know the students better. At the same time the teacher should not keep comparing the students to another student. If this happen, of course the teacher will not be liked by the students and the worst thing is it might be the source of quarreling between students.
            Since the teachers are always full of burden, ability to control the emotion is very important.  All the problems at home should be leaved behind when the teacher are at school. The teacher should not bring the bad mood or the sadness to the class because it will influence the appearance of the teacher and perspective of the students to the teacher. Some of the teachers are always get angry to students until embarrass the students without check the students’ mistake. It is not a good behavior of a teacher unless the students truly did a big mistake. When facing the naughty students, the teacher should maintain cool and be professional when her or his order did not obeyed by the students. Every action of a teacher should not follow her or his emotion. The rationality is the priority. In guiding students, there are many ways depend on the situation. Large or small punishment is depending to the case. For some reason, psychology approach may be useful in handling students.
            As the conclusion, every teacher should prepare herself or himself with many good qualities that supposed to be possessed by all the teachers. Since being a teacher need a lot of sacrifices and responsibilities, it makes this occupation noble and respected. With all the positive perspectives to this profession, teachers should maintain it by having the good qualities of a good teacher.    

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