Monday, November 15, 2010

I hate this feeling..

I hate this feeling that usually come when it is the time to have holiday. I feel lonely..The hostel will be so quite, and I will feel like I was left even though I also will leave this hostel. I also need to pack up all my things. Next year I will live at a new room. Hopefully that will be fine and makes me happy. I hope I will have a very nice time start from next year. But for the next next year, I will have to live out from the hostel. I think it is so sad. If my house is situated near from this institute, surely I will feel greatly happy. There are 2 more years more I gonna stay here. My boss, Alvin is going to be posted to be a teacher next year. Suddenly I feel sad for that. He is a very committed person actually. I supposed to be grateful for having him as my work partner. Honestly, I feel like I just contribute just a little thing and the rest is his contribution. This is my last post. At least I have a memory that in 2010 I became a JPP in IPG Kampus Kent.

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