Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything and anything looks the same.

In my view through my spectacles, everything and anything looks the same. People of every place and any place have the same behavior. I think I should accept my fate that GOD has written for me. Whatever I do, the same thing happen. My effort is useless, myself is bad and contain empty of kindness. Horrible! Resemble to devil. Is that so? I do nothing yet to harm people but people seems insist me to do so. I always feel sympathy to people who got in trouble but always they bite me back for my help. They treat me like rubbish. Awful!

I am the queen of weakness. The loser! People think about me that way. Everything and anything is wrong, bad, and so on negatively. For this moment, I'm done with these matters. I look them entirely empty with ended count of time, bored and no idea. You want to blame me, scold me or whatever, you just can talk to my hand. I have no intent to listen no more. My effort is useless cause the result will be the same. What I can do is counting time, waiting for the end and just live my life like this.

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