Sunday, July 17, 2011

My world is not yours!

Is that wrong to have my world exclusively MINE? Why you are always trying to object me and makes your mind as the fact? I have my own style, did I ask you any help? Why you always want to state that I am wrong and you are right?? Do you still remember that there is a moment when you object me about a fact but mine is true? Do you still remember that? Or your so embarrass to confess about your mistake?

I able to accept others opinion but your opinion always together with amazingly hatred action and expression that I truly cannot accept. I met many people but you are the only person who makes me feel that way.  

Okay then..I don't think that a creature like you can realize that, since you have many supporters. The solution is only one: I DON'T SPEAK WITH AN IRRITATING PERSON LIKE YOU EXCEPT FOR CRUCIAL NECESSARY! In addition, I WILL NOT SHOW MY WEAKNESS IN FRONT OF YOU ESPECIALLY TEARS.

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