Saturday, July 16, 2011


One day in my holiday, I watched an English movie. I don’t remember the title but it told me something. 

There is a woman who has two men in her life. The first man is the man who she has to marry with due to the plan of their family. Both of them are respecting each other. There never quarrel and their relationship seems have no problem at all. But something that people cannot see is there is no love between them. The woman feels no joy with the man as she knows that the man take care of her not because he loves her but to protect himself from being blamed by the woman’s parents if anything bad happen to her. 

The second man is the woman’s friend and also the first man’s friend. This man is very different with the first man. He likes to do crazy things even though it is dangerous. With this man, the woman feels joy and she discovered something that is called love. 

If you become the woman who you would like to choose? The first man or the second man? I bring this scenario into my world. Not just about love between man and woman but more than that because love is very wide in meaning. I would like to take two things from this story that are respect and love. 

Respect without love. No quarrel and everything are fine but no joy. Love without respect, there are joy but quarrel always happen. Respect and love is the right way but much understanding needed. To me, among all these I only want to choose first and third options. Why? 

Respect without love, at least both of you are fine. You can live with that person and do you own business. However if love without respect, the love will fade. Then, you will have nothing left with him/her. For respect and love, this is the best choice. But, to me it is hard to be achieved. Why? For two persons who are not engage in love, they will not demand for anything good from each other. This is truly right! Just imagine, if you are sick do you hope that someone who is not close to you to take care of you? For sure no. You will hope your best friend come to see you and to take care of you. If it not happen as what you hope, you might unsatisfied.  Quarrel can happen. However, high understanding and contribution can cure it. I believe that respect can be done in easier way without love because with respect, you are not demanding too much as what you will do in love. As human being, it is easy to say about good things but when you have to do it you will find it hard especially when you face with bad situation. So, for people who like to advise other people and think he/she is always right, mind these words. 

In love, you need respect to make your love everlasting. But somehow, if you not trust to give respect in love, you have to respect without love.

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